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SRS: Airbag

SRS: Airbag

The SRS Airbag Control Module is a small computer module in your vehicle that determines when to deploy your airbags in the event of an accident. It extracts data from multiple crash sensors around the vehicle and decides if the crash impact warranties a deployment of the airbags.


When your Air bag light or SRS warning light is staying on this indicates a fault with your SRS Airbag system.


Whilst the light is on the SRS system is in an inoperative state and requires Testing to rectify faults.


Don't put your life and passengers life at risk in the event of an accident with a inoperative SRS system


We are able to fully diagnose faults with your Airbag SRS system, and are able to repair the problem using the most advanced equipment available and covering all makes/models of vehicle. We trace the faults down to the source, whether this be corroded wiring faults and bad connections or SRS unit failures, we will effect only the necessary and best repair.


Many vehicles are particularly prone to certain faults, and through our many years of diagnosing these problems, we have come to learn a thing or two and know where to look. With a mass of technical experience and broad range of testing equipment we are confident that we can quickly identify even the most complex and involved SRS fault.


We can also provide SRS module Crash Data Reseting service programming and coding for most types of SRS module.