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Body Control Module

If your car is having electrical problems it could be a fault with your body control module! we can help. Our technicians can check your entire electrical system using Specialist Scan Tools loaded with data on the latest models to read fault codes and live data.

We are able to fully diagnose faults with your Body control system, and are able to repair the problem using the most advanced equipment available and covering all makes/models of vehicle. We trace the faults down to the source, whether this be corroded wiring faults and bad connections or BCM unit failures, we will effect only the necessary and best repair.


Many vehicles are particularly prone to certain faults, and through our many years of diagnosing these problems, we have come to learn a thing or two and know where to look. With a mass of technical experience and broad range of testing equipment we are confident that we can quickly identify even the most complex and involved BCM fault.