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Auto Electrical

Air conditioning and Heating

Running your AC during winter will help maintain the system in good working order. Air conditioning systems contain a myriad of hoses and seals that can dry out or crack, which could lead to Gas leaks and poor performance.  

Car air conditioning doesn't only keep you cool on hot days, but can also remove humidity, which can be handy in the winter to help counteract a foggy windscreen.

During A regular Air conditioning service we will check for obvious faults which may be associated with the air conditioning system, such as drive belt tension, visible signs of refrigerant leaks and loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets, but it is good practice to have a comprehensive air con service every 2 to 3 years to keep your air-conditioning working perfectly and keep everything in order to prevent costly repairs.

Our Specialist Trained and licensed technician will perform a series of checks, balances, repairs and replacements to get your air conditioner in top condition

No Heater Working? We can repair all heating faults from blocked or leaking heater cores to faulty heater taps and controls.

If your car air conditioning system  isn’t running efficiently, needs a regas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, Go ahead, call us today and book in your car air conditioning service from just $99* plus parts and gas.

Car Batteries

Don’t want to get caught out with a flat battery We offer free battery testing

Your car battery is an important element of your car, it is a source of energy to start your ignition and it provides power to car accessories.

Other than your car battery being dead and not being able to start your car, the other signs your battery is on the way out include; corrosion and stains around the battery terminals or slow cranking on startup especially when left overnight

Mastrertech are battery experts and will always give sound advice. We have a large range of batteries available to suit any type of vehicle
When you bring your car in for a free check we can also use the latest diagnostic equipment to test your battery and charging system .

If you think you car is in need of a re-charge or new battery contact us, we can test and replace batteries. Book an appointment with us today.


Car Alarms

At Mastertech we provide the globe's most sophisticated conventional fit automotive protection systems. We only supply anti-theft systems that go above and beyond the rigorous demands of all the major vehicle manufacturers and the strictest quality specifications and criteria.

Installing a car alarm may satisfy insurance providers and save you money by a lower cost for your insurance policy price based on the extra security our alarms provide. This selection now consists of the CAN integrated alarm systems, completely compatible with OE immobilisers and with a large range of CAN-bus protocols. We offer an extensive collection of car protection options including kill switches and immobilisers.

All of course coming with option of mobile installation. Saving you money and time. So if you need to buy a car alarm or immobilisers you've come to the right place

Power Windows

Window wont go up or Down ?

Unfortunately, car window regulators sometimes give up and you are left with a car window that won't open or close. Car window regulators and window motors can jam up or break rendering them, and your power windows, useless. We are specialist in all electric window motors, regulators and actuator mechanisms and switches and represent a significant saving over main dealer prices !  


Central Locking

Whether your central locking has completely failed or you have an intermittent problem with a particular door, Mastrertech has the experience to repair most central locking systems including advanced keyless entry system or manual central locking systems.

Our expertise covers;

• Central locking motor actuators

• Central locking pumps

• Door latch assemblies

• Door modules

• Body control modules


Lighting and Wipers

Replaced the bulb and your lights still don’t work? Whether it’s your headlights, dash lights, brake lights, indicator lights or even your interior lights, we can help. Remember faulty lights can fail an pink slip inspection or incur infringement notice.

Windscreen wipers playing up, working one minute then not the next, Mastertech can diagnose and repair your windscreen wiper problems including replacement and or repair of wiper motors and mechanisms, rain sensors and switches .