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Module Re-Programming & Coding

Module Re-Programing & Coding

At Mastertech we can program code are adapt modules and computers for Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Holden and many more types of vehicles with modules such as SRS, ABS, Ignition Switch or Steering lock? We can reprogram new computer modules for your car and have it on the road in no time.


With many years of experience, we know that re-flashing, re-mapping or cloning a car computer is no easy task. It requires careful inspection of ECU internal components and lot of delicate work to make another computer that gets your vehicle on the road safely.


Our services include

  • Mercedes EIS switch repair
  • EIS renewal
  • Electronic Steering lock replacement
  • Module coding & Programming
  • Mercedes SCN coding & Programming
  • BMW coding & programming
  • Holden Coding & Programming
  • Used module decoding and coding
  • ECU Renewing/Virginising
  • Engine ECU Remapping
  • Engine ECU re-newing or virginising
  • Dashboard repair
  • Software Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Advanced Fault Diagnostics
  • Airbag module repairs - Crash data resets
  • ABS module programming
  • ABS bleeding
  • Seqential Manual gearbox Programming
  • Key Programming